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Thank you for visiting Dr. James Ratcliff, DPM, on the Web. From our Internet site, you can peruse more information regarding our practice, review our office policies, schedule an appointment, ask questions, and even conveniently purchase products to assist in your health recovery or improve your physical performance.
Our goal is to diagnose and treat lower extremity conditions effectively so you can get back "in the game" as soon as possible.
We are committed to provide state-of-the-art care, from simple to complex. Preventive medicine is a huge part of our practice. We offer excellent advice on appropriate shoegear, as well as stretching exercises and icing techniques.

Your Keys to Mobility and Performance

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Dr. Ratcliff as a featured speaker for the Stanford Health Library. Click below to view the videos!


Runners Survey!

I would like to request your assistance in a research project on barefoot and minimalist running. We greatly appreciate your assistance in furthering research that has the ultimate goal of answering so many questions we have about barefoot and minimalist running.

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