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In this program by the Stanford University Medical Center, James Ratcliff, podiatrist at the Menlo Medical Center in California, examines the most common foot injuries that runners encounter and address ways of preventing and treating many of them.

In this Stanford University Medical Center program, James W. Ratcliff, podiatrist at the Menlo Medical Center in California, speaks on what we can do to lessen the impact on our feet and how to treat arthritis and dermatologic conditions if they do occur. Like tires on a car, the more miles and years we put on our feet, the more changes we can expect as we age. Learn what we can do to keep our feet from wear and tear.

New "Cutting Edge" Procedures
Dr. James Ratcliff, DPM is pleased to announce these new, innovative procedures!

Platelet Enriched Plasma
for speedy recovery.

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Shockwave Treatment

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